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Eksamensopgave, Undervisningsforløb: Tekstanalyse i engelsk

Eksamensopgave i engelsk om hvorfor tekstanalyse er et godt redskab til at stimulere børns indlæring af fremmede sprog.

- How does text analysis help to stimulate pupils learning process of a second language?
- What kind of methods of text analysis are there, considering that language comprehension is the focus point?


The holistic nature of language learning
Learning a second language
Implied reading
Why textual analysis
The use of imaginative literature
Cultural enrichment, language enrichment, and motivation
What sort of literature is suitable for use with language learners?
How to use textual analysis
Why we choose Bram Stokers “Dracula”
The teaching plan


Textual analysis is method used to understand a text. Its purpose is to take the single elements out of the text for a closer look, so the message the author is sending to the reader is understood. Textual analysis is normally use to make language students aware of what they are reading, making them critical readers able to distinct the different genres from each other. By learning the small unique characteristics of the different genres, they are able to make qualified assessment on the nature of a text; is it fact or fiction, true or false. For the skilled learner analysing a text is done while reading it. They are so trained that they can receipt, assess and evaluate without dwelling on any single element of a text, without loosing very much of the message. But for the unskilled learner textual analysis is a time consuming exercise, because every single element has to be looked upon by itself to be understood. It is this dwelling on the single elements, for an understanding of the whole, which interests us. First of all there is the possibility of discovering exactly how much the individual pupil understands of text, and following the chance to correct their misunderstandings by working with text. We think that text analysis is suited for use in second language teaching, because it gives the individual time to think, use, reuse and discuss the language - words, sentences, contents etc. - in the text. Very different activities can be used as a result of the analysation. Depending on the goal of a plan based on text analysis, different aspects of analysis can be used. We would like to use analysis not as the goal of a teaching plan but as the means of reaching the goal, because there are so many possibilties in aspects and activities.
With this assignment we would like to deal with the usage of novels in order to learn a second language. Therefore is it necessary to look at the needs of language learners, what kind of literature is appropriate? How can there be worked with a novel in a classroom situation? What kind of literature is useful? Does text analysis still help in understanding the messages an author sends in a given book, if the analysis is based on language... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Tekstanalyse i engelsk

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