What is classroom management?

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Synopsis: What is classroom management?

Eksamensoplæg om Classroom management (Tema 2 - Fagdidaktik)

Problem statement:
What is classroom management and what features can be advantageously used in a foreign language classroom?


Problem statement
Classroom management
The physical environment
Classroom interaction


In order for a teacher to teach a foreign language to students, it is essential that students respect their teacher, otherwise they aren't likely to learn anything. From my own experience in my last teachers practice, I discovered how difficult it was to get students to listen and do various activities without questioning my authority, since I was “only” a teacher in training. In order to avoid similar situations in the future, I will try to give an overview of a few different theories of classroom management, which leads to following problem statement:

Classroom management
Generally, classroom management refers to the process where a teacher organizes and control students' movement, behavior and interaction patterns during a lesson. Jim Scrivener describes it as “creating the conditions in which learning can take place” This definition of classroom management is a combination of decisions and actions, where ‘actions' are those which are done in the classroom, whereas ‘decisions' refers to how and when the actions are to be done, whether to be done or not and who will do them.
Throughout a lesson there will be multiple decisions to be made and the overall success of the lesson will be depended of these decisions. The essential skill in classroom management is therefore the ability to step back and read the events that are happening and make decisions of how to move forward. Scrivener uses... Køb adgang for at læse mere

What is classroom management?

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