Routes 9 | Vurdering af undervisningsmateriale

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Modulopgave, Læremiddelanalyse: Routes 9 | Vurdering af undervisningsmateriale

Mid-course English Exam om en vurdering af undervisningsmateriale for 9. klasse.

Undervisningsmaterialet der er tale om er "Routes 9" - En elevbog til 9. klasse engelsk.

Tager udgangspunkt i kapitlet "Turn that music down".


Language acquisition and language teaching p. 3-5
Specifications and improvements p.5-6
New activities p.6-8
Bibliography p.8


The series of pupil's books Routes are based on the principle about critical thinking. There exist different definitions in the idea of critical thinking. The writers of this pupil's book have chosen to focus on critical thinking this way: “Good critical thinking is skilful and responsible thinking in which you study the problem from all angles, and then use your best judgement to draw conclusions” . This should help the students to tackle different linguistic situations, to realise their learning potential, to develop their ability to examine, argue, systemize and document and to relate the above to their own world and by this improve their learning... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Routes 9 | Vurdering af undervisningsmateriale

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