Vocabulary in second language | Studieprodukt

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Vocabulary in second language | Studieprodukt

Studieprodukt i engelsk på 1. årgang om at styrke elevers vocabulary in second lanuage.

Problem Statement
By this introduction I have chosen this problem statement:

Have can I as a teacher increase the students' vocabulary?

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Introduction Page 3
How to teach vocabulary Page 3-4
Analysis and discussion Page 5
Conclusion Page 6
Literature Page 6



In a crowing international society, it gets more and more important to have a large vocabulary. Many things in your daily life are based on a second speaking language. If you look at the internet, TV and books, many of these media are based on the English language. To understand these things on a full level, you would have to know a lot of different words to understand the meaning. It is interesting to see how a very small vocabulary can stop you from getting the full meaning. I will in this study product try to see, how I as a teacher can increase the students vocabulary.
I will have a look at some different methods and ideas of teaching, and then I will see how I can use it in a classroom. I think it is important for me as a teacher to have a large focus on the students' vocabulary, so they do not end up having a small amount of vocabulary, and by that having a hard time explaining what they mean. It is important to know many different words, so when you speak, you have the chance to explain yourself and understand the writing or spoken language... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Vocabulary in second language | Studieprodukt

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