Using Harry Potter as a teaching input

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Eksamensopgave, Undervisningsforløb: Using Harry Potter as a teaching input

Eksamensopgave i engelsk om fordelene ved at bruge Harry Potter i sin engelsk undervisning, samt et konkret undervisningsforløb.

Opgaven tager udgangspunkt i Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


Introduction page 2
The characteristics of fantasy page 2
Reasons for using Harry Potter as a teaching input page 5
Critical aspects of using Harry Potter page 6
Summary of “Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone page 8
Deciding which grade to use Harry Potter in page 8
Factual information concerning our teaching sequence page 10
The usage of Task-Based Learning page 10
Planning our teaching sequence page 11
Conclusion page 14
List of literature page 15



In our society today, we hear about ”Lord of the Rings” and Harry Potter all the time. People stand in line for weeks just to get a ticket for the premiere or to get the first copy of the newest Harry Potter novel. But why is it that the fantasy genre is such a popular phenomenon? What is it about Harry Potter that makes children read the books again and again? Why do children who normally never open a book go and spend all their pocket money on the newest edition of Harry Potter? It is only natural that we as English teachers take advantage of this uncommon situation, and use it for a teaching purpose!
In this assignment our focus point will be on how to use fantasy literature, and more specifically Harry Potter, in the aim of getting the pupils to improve their communicative skills.
Furthermore we will investigate the possibilities of using Harry Potter. Is it didactically correct in proportion to the Curriculum, and could there be any critical aspects of using Harry Potter as a teaching input?
On top of this we will characterise the fantasy genre and Harry Potter in order to understand what it is that fascinates children.
At last we are going to explain our overall teaching sequence, which is based on “Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone”.

The characteristics of Fantasy

In order to use Harry Potter and fantasy for a teaching purpose, it is necessary to find out which aspects that would be relevant to focus on in a teaching sequence, and what it is about fantasy and Harry Potter that appeals to children in general. If one finds out what it is that makes this genre so attractive for children, it is easier to plan a teaching sequence which the pupils also find interesting and that they can benefit from.
Most fantasy stories have some general characteristics in common, and some characteristics you can find both in the fantasy genre as well as in fairy tales, science fiction, myths and legends. The difference between fantasy and fairy tales is not very notable, but when one compares fantasy to science fiction, one can say that fantasy deals with an imaginary world whereas science fiction deals with a world that could actually exist... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Using Harry Potter as a teaching input

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