Teaching environment for optimal learning possibility

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Studieprodukt: Teaching environment for optimal learning possibility

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How can I, as an English teacher, optimize language acquisition in a classroom where pupils are on different levels?


Research Question


I will in this assignment explore what teaching methods helped me in creating a teaching environment for optimal learning possibility. I will be focusing on how to strengthen the pupil's language acquisition. This interest comes from my placement where I at first found it hard to meet the pupils at their level. Some of the material we had prepared, would be too hard for some pupils, and for others too easy. I was met with different obstacles, some pupils were not comfortable speaking English in front of the class, others had trouble with spelling and some pupils where so far ahead of the class, that they found the material unchallenging. This led to a redesign of our material so that it would work on different engaging levels. This raised the question how to adjust a lesson so that it can accommodate the different levels of English that exist in a classroom.
There are numerous theories on differentiation and teaching methods, but I will in this synopsis explore how pupils, through Cooperative Learning, can help each other by sharing their strength and how you can help this along as the teacher... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Teaching environment for optimal learning possibility

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