Synopsis til hver kompetence i engelsk

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Synopsis til hver kompetence i engelsk

Engelsk synopser.
4 opgaver i de fire forskellige kompetencer i engelskfaget

Synopsis 1:
How can awareness regarding learning strategies have a positive impact on pupils' use of the four skills, and how can it be done so the pupils will experience progression in their vocabulary?

Synopsis 2:
How can the pupils acquire new words in english as a second language through genre pedagogy and teaching learning cycle?

Synopsis 3:
How is multimodality a benefitting approach to improve the intercultural communication competence of the pupils?

Synopsis 4:
How can we scaffold a didactic design that improves pupils' vocabulary through task-based language teaching?


Linguistic Competence and Language Teaching
Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Communication
Intercultural Competence
Foreign Language Didactics


Foreign Language Didactics
We were curious as to how we can teach the pupils to be reflective about their use of language in specific situations. It is important to include the pupils in the material, so that they can experience a relation to the subject at hand. We will try to do this by including current dilemmas, which the pupils already know about and see in their everyday life. For the lesson plan/didactic design we have chosen “influencers” as the main topic, and as a point of departure when working towards a creative product. We think that task-based teaching will be suitable for this kind of project-oriented teaching. One of our main concerns is whether we are “teaching to the test” or providing the pupils with valuable knowledge/reflections in relation to the public school's common goals. A lot of pupils' experience English class as a subject where they do a list of tasks and activities, where you have grammar on Monday, American history on Wednesday and British commonwealth the next week without coherence and a connection in-between. We want to find out if it is possible to scaffold a task-based... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Synopsis til hver kompetence i engelsk

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