Lexis and vocabulary | Synopsis

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Lexis and vocabulary | Synopsis

Synopsis i Engelsk om hvordan man kan arbejde med at udvide elevernes ordforråd/vocabulary. I Synopsen tages der udgangspunkt i The Beatles sangen "A Hard Day's Night".

Problem statement/research question:
Working with vocabulary is not only about presentation of new words. It is about a cognitive understanding of the new words and a knowledge of how to make them a part of their spoken second language. My research question in this synopsis is

How can I as an English teacher scaffold processing of lexis which reinforces memorizing and recalling?


Practice element
Theoretical reflections
Lexical competence
Vocabulary acquisition
List of references
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Attachment 2


When learning a second language it is essential to expand and enhance your vocabulary. According to Birgit Henriksen, it is estimated that a vocabulary of approximately 2000 words would ensure the learner to be able to comprehend up to 80% of basic texts (Henriksen). In my theoretical reflections later in this synopsis, I will explain more about Birgit Henriksen's theories on lexical competence.

The age group I work with in this synopsis is the intermediate and, more specifically, year 7. The age span in this class is right now from 14-17 years of age, but we - the team of teachers - estimate that their level of English is year 7.

They are SEN-pupils which is the reason why I have chosen the common goals for years 5-7. In the attachment (1) below I have enclosed the common goals from emu.dk (Emu.dk).


Practice element
The pupils I am so lucky to be teaching like music very much. They also like music from the old days, e.g. Elvis and The Beatles.

Therefore, I have chosen to work with various songs of The Beatles as they are melodious and the lyrics would be both easy and difficult in order to differentiate the course. The Beatles also have a great British accent to inspire the pupils.

A Hard Day's Night - Lexis with The Beatles

The course is quite simple. It will last three lessons of 45 minutes each... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Lexis and vocabulary | Synopsis

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