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Undervisningsforløb: CBI – Content Based Instruction | Studieprodukt

Studieprodukt i Engelsk om CBI - Content Based Instruction

Opgaven indeholder en beskrivelse og analyse af læringsformen "Content Based Instruction" samt et mindmap og en lektionsplan hvor CBI indgår i.

Undervisningsplanen er om "New York City".

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Fin opgave med en god beskrivelse af CBI og hvordan dette kan bruges.


Introduction 3
Mind Map 3
Description and analysis 4
Lesson plans 5
Conclusion 6
References 6


CBI is a learning method, which is focused in the content of a topic. The topic I have chosen in this assignment is “New York City”. This topic is relevant because it is something, which is of interest for both boys and girls in an 8th or 9th grade. The pupils will be working with the topic for 3 double lessons, containing 90 minutes in each double lesson. In the three double lessons, the pupils will get to know three different text genres – Poetry, fact and fiction. For the first double lesson I have chosen a song, for the second lesson an article and for the last lesson a short story.

Description and analysis

CBI means Content Based Learning. In CBI, the focus is in the topic in a lesson. During the lesson the pupils will learn about a topic through the language they are trying to learn. The subjects could be anything which interests pupils. It could be their favorite pop star or even a topical news story or film.

In the first double lesson the pupils will work with the song “New York, New York”. I will make a presentation in the class of the basic facts about poems, and make the pupils a worksheet on how to analyze a poem. They will work in small groups with the song and in the last part of the lesson the pupils will make their own poem about New York City. In the second double lesson the pupils will work with articles about 9/11. They will use the internet and search for information about New York before and after 9/11 and chose an article they find interesting. Now they will write... Køb adgang for at læse mere

CBI – Content Based Instruction | Studieprodukt

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