Peter Kanin som læremiddel

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Didaktiske refleksioner over Peter Kanin som læremiddel.


Didactic Reflections
The Common Goals for English
Organization of the activity


The Common Goals for English
The common goals (EMU, 2018) for English defines oral and written communication as learning goals for English students. Cultural understanding is also a goal, but the other goals are more in focus in this lesson plan. In the bracket, 5-7th grade, it is the goal to make the students able to partake in short conversations and give short, coherent recounts of ordinary situations in English. This lesson plan is especially focused on practicing the ability to do so, as the students, in part 2, partake in short conversations when they answer their questions. The students also practice the ...


Organization of the activity
The lesson plan is focused around The Tales of Peter Rabbit, which is an example of authentic exposure, and from the book, questions are formulated that are examples of restricted exposure (Scrivener, 2011, s. 127).
The lesson plan is created with both productive and receptive skills in mind. Some parts are more focused on certain skills than others, like part 2, which is the only part where writing is present. But,... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Peter Kanin som læremiddel

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