Modulprøve om friendship

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Undervisningsforløb: Modulprøve om friendship

En modulprøve i engelsk med undervisningsplan/forløb til 8. klasse over emnet 'Friendship'.


Part 1
Part 2


Part 2

The lesson plan presented above is developed for an 8th grade in a Danish upper secondary school with 24 students. It is intended for four lessons of 45 minutes each and the attainment target of the lessons is the students' speaking skills. Taking a point of departure in the didactic model, the following reflections focus the learning goals, learner activities, signs of learning and the assessment of the students' learning outcome as presented in the lesson plan.

As it is presented in the lesson plan the teaching session includes several activities. These activities are designed with a communicative language teaching approach (CLT) in which the goal is to enable students to communicate in the target language and to engage students in authentic contexts (Brown, 2015, p. 46).
CLT includes several different approaches of language teaching whereas this teaching session is based on the task-based language teaching (TBLT). The main goal of TBLT is for the students to be involved in tasks that contribute to communicative goals and that point learners beyond the forms of language, therefore, the approach focuses on the meaning of the language rather than on the form and ‘it requires learners to use the language to attain an objective' (Brown, 2015, p. 50).

The lesson plan is developed through the characteristic task-structure of TBLT in which the... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Modulprøve om friendship

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