Lingustic Competence | Synopsis

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Lingustic Competence | Synopsis

Synopsis i engelsk i fagområdet "linguistic competence".

Research questions
How can we execute a teaching sequence that supports their motivation and incorporates vocabulary acquisition methods by implementing differentiated learning strategies?


Introduction: 2
Research questions 2
Method 2
Theory 3
Aim-orientated teaching 3
Differentiation 3
Interlanguage 5
Explicit and implicit learning 5
The monitor hypothesis 6
The 5 factors of remembering words: Frequency, depth of cognitive processes, webs of association and variation in the form of presentation. 6
Practical element 7
Conclusion 9
Bibliography 10
Appendix 1. Lessonplan 11
Student product: 12


We have chosen to focus and implement our ideas in the grades 6 and 7. We have found it interesting to investigate vocabulary acquisition, as it is an important step when developing one's secondary language. Assimilating knowledge of the definition of a vast amount of words, their contextual nuances, help learners feel more comfortable in using a secondary language and therefore, have an even higher level of motivation as prerequisite for further learning. To ensure an even higher level of motivation regarding learning, it is always important to differentiate the lessons in accordance with the level of the individual pupil.

The way we are going to achieve this, is to work with the subject “Racism”. We have chosen this on the background that it is a subject most people have an opinion on. This will make it easier to engage the pupils, since they already know what they want to say and then it is simply a question of expanding their vocabulary, to be able to translate it to English.

To take care of the didactical aspect, we will be looking at theories and theorist on the subject such as Birgit Henriksen, Krashen and Klafki. To have a more tangible element, we will also be looking at a book called “Uncle Tom's Cabin” by H. Beecher Stowe. The students will work with the book, in a sense of developing their interlanguage and lingual precision by frequently associating the students with foreign words by implementing differentiated teaching strategies that resolves in L2-acquisition. That way, we will have the pupils working with both reading and interaction-required sequences. This means that we be building a web of associations, within the subject, for the pupils.

Aim-orientated teaching
One of the main focus points with the newest school reform in Denmark, was the aim-orientated teaching. The principles behind aim-orientated teaching, are that all teaching is based on expectations for the students' learning. That means that the teacher must create these aims in collaboration with the students, and preferably, with the parents as well. The aims can vary in accordance to what level... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Lingustic Competence | Synopsis

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