Language and language use | Synopsis

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Language and language use | Synopsis

Synopsis til afsluttende eksamen i engelsk om language and language use.

Focal point
How the teacher to the best of his/her abilities teach vocabulary in an English-speaking classroom among teen learners?


Introduction 2
Focal point 2
Theory 2
The issue with words 2
How to teach vocabulary? 3
How do they acquire vocabulary? 5
Conclusion 5
Literature 6
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Why is teaching vocabulary important? Well, learning the English language and acquiring a sufficient vocabulary opens up to a lot of options in life. A good vocabulary allows the pupils to be capable of interacting socially and communicate with other people in English contexts. The English language has become very significant in our global society. A lot of things occur In English, such as educations, computer games, social media, global businesses etc. Therefore, as teachers, we must prepare the pupils to be able to cope with the global world, in order for them to be capable of interacting with others. Acquiring a good vocabulary in English does not just allow us to communicate and interact with each other, but to understand written and spoken language, such as books, journals, outdoor signs, announcement in flights, etc. These can be very necessary to comprehend when we are in a foreign country or in an English-related association.
If we look at the common goals for English teaching in elementary school, it appears that the pupils should, at the end of the school year, be able to communicate in spontaneous conversations as well as be able to argument for their own points of view. Along with that, the pupils should, at this point, also know the frequent words and phrases within related topics as well as know how to how to use them. (Børne- og undervisningsministeriet)
The question is then, how do we help the pupils achieve a sufficient vocabulary in order for them to be able to interact with each other? How do we help them acquire the vocabulary in the best way possible? How should we teach, which methods should we use, and which activities are appropriate?... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Language and language use | Synopsis

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