Undervisning i language acquisition

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Studieprodukt: Undervisning i language acquisition

Opgave i engelsk om language acquisition/sproglig udvikling og hvordan læreren i 3. klasse skal forholde sig til at undervise i et nyt sprog.


• How do children learn a second language?

• How does cultural/social context influence on second language acquisition?


Introduction 2
Problemformulation 2
Clarification of the subject 2
Second Language Acquisition and Culture 2
What is Second Language Acquisition about 5
Interlanguage 5
Input 6
Second Language Acquisition starts in 3th class in Denmark 7
Conclusion 9
Literature 10


Many children have a great knowledge in English language before they begin with English in the school, because the language is a part of their culture in e.g. videogames, films/TV, music and the Internet. English is very common for the children in their every day lives, because it is integrated in our globalized world. This kind of language acquisition is unconscious in the beginning of learning a new language.

We have chosen this subject, because we want to achieve knowledge about how children acquire a second language and how we as teachers meet the students and plan the teaching after what the students already know. From this point of view we have chosen to look further into the subject "Second language acquisition".

Clarification of the subject
Second language acquisition can be defined as the way in which people learn a language other than their monther tongue inside or outside a classroom.

Second Language Acquisition and Culture
Young children are capable of learning the necessary phonemes, morphemes, and syntax as they mature. They have a genetic ability to learn language. Language acquisition is a major aspect of their learning process... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Undervisning i language acquisition

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