Læremiddelanalyse af Boost 3

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Deltagelsespligtopgave: Læremiddelanalyse af Boost 3

DPO i engelsk med læremiddelanalyse af undervisningsmaterialet Boost 3 - Text & Workbook lavet af Malene Santini og Conrad Kisch.

DPO'en indeholder en læremiddelanalyse samt eksempel på at bruge midlet i undervisningen.


Introduction 3
Coursebook/ publisher 3
Units/books 3
Textbook 3
Workbook 3
Teacher's guide 3
Grade(s)/ age group 4
Layout 4
Type of syllabus 4
Structure based communicative tasks 4
Language 5
Culture 5
Texts 5
Learning 6
Learner 6
Activities 6
Teacher 7
New approaches 7
Cooperative learning: 7
Ministry of education 8
Literature 9
Appendix 10


It is very important that teachers choose their teaching materials properly. If done so the outcome from the teaching and learning will be much more motivational for the pupils. We will throughout this analysis work with Lilian Rohdes “Checkliste til vurdering af undervisningsmaterialer”. This checklist will help us put light on the good tools in this teaching material. Furthermore, it will be much easier to tell if the materials are good to use in a teaching and why so.

Boost 3 is written by Malene Santini and Conrad Kisch. It was published by Gyldendal in the year 2016 (2.edition).
Boost 3 is a continuation of the teaching material First boost, which the pupils have been working on in earlier grades. The teaching material consists of a textbook, workbook and a teacher´s guide as well a CD to the teacher.
Consists of eight themes which builds on some of the topics the pupils worked on in the First Boost. The different themes let the pupils work with language and culture. Furthermore, are the themes very concrete and relatable which makes it easier for them to work with and understand. Some of those themes are, Our School and At the Zoo.

The workbook is closely related to the textbook. The tasks are varied by different areas such as: vocabulary acquisition, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and grammar. You can also find communicative tasks that engage the pupils in active language learning... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Læremiddelanalyse af Boost 3

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