Kompetencemålsprøve om teaching grammar

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Synopsis: Kompetencemålsprøve om teaching grammar

Kompetencemålsprøve i engelsk om teaching grammar.

Problem statement
With knowledge of pupils' struggle with grammar learning and grammar being a basic linguistic skill that every learner of English must learn about, I intend to shed light upon the following question:

How can the inductive grammar approach be adapted in an English lesson for 7th grade pupils?


Modul 1 - Sproglig kompetence og sprogundervisning
Problem statement
Theoretical reflections on the problem statement
Practice Element - Teaching the difference between simple present and present progressive through minimal sentence pairs
List of references


“'Grammaring' is essential to attain a full understanding.” (Bruntt and Bryanne, 2012). Grammar is an inseparable part of language acquisition that creates connection between words, and helps learner make sense of what he/she has heard/read. However, making grammar teaching authentically contextualized and creating a link between meaning and form has often been looked upon as a challenge, and I have not been exempted from meeting this challenge; the challenge of learning it being a learner of English as a second language, likewise the challenge of teaching being a substitute teacher of English. Furthermore during my practice teaching last year, I experienced often that pupils find learning of English grammar hard to comprehend and uninteresting.

Theoretical reflections on the problem statement
Grammar Teaching has taken plenty of turns over the many years of studying second language acquisition; from total grammar in the Grammar-Translation Method, where the second language acquisition is exclusively developed by "analyzing grammar and translating written texts" (Bruntt and Bryanne, 2012), up until zero grammar in Krashen's Non-Interface Hypothesis, where grammar is supposed to be acquired by learner only being exposed to a massive amount of meaningful input in an authentic context precisely... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Kompetencemålsprøve om teaching grammar

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