Interlanguage analysis of book review

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Analyse af elevtekst: Interlanguage analysis of book review

Studieprodukt i engelsk om Alice in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

This is my interlanguage analysis of a book review “Alice in Wonderland” (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll). It is a learner in the 7th form that wrote the review. I don't know anything about the learner, or the given situation of why s/he must write a book review.


The communicative situation
Coherence and cohesion
Interpretation of the analysis
Advice, help and feedback


The communicative situation
The genre is a book review of a book the learner has chosen. The receiver of the text is his/her teacher and the message is an overall evaluation of the book “Alice in Wonderland”. The learner follows the provided handout material, using the elements to structure his/her assignment.
Coherence and cohesion

The learner sticks to the topic through the review. The only element missing is the author name. In his/her summary the text has a short intro, a body that unfortunately does not include the world Alice discovers, and a very short conclusion. The learner is explicit in his explanation of how Alice sees the Wonderland and the learner simplifies his/her written language, when it comes to describing the details Alice experiences.

Overall, the macro-structure in the review is good but the topic does not develop in an elaborated way. E.g. when asked to describe one or two of the most important characters, he/she answers; “I like the magic characters, because I like all magic”... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Interlanguage analysis of book review

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