Interlanguage analysis af elevtekst

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Analyse af elevtekst, Modulopgave: Interlanguage analysis af elevtekst

Modulopgave i engelsk med en interlanguage analysis af en elevtekst fra elev i 5. klasse i engelsk.

Elevteksten er med i dokumentet. Titlen er "The Dark World".


Coherence and cohesion
Syntax and Semantics
Orthography and types of errors
To the pupil
Appendix – Selve elevteksten


In this assignment, we will make an interlanguage analysis of a pupil text. Interlanguage is the language of a learner. By analyzing a written text, we can get an impression of the pupil's interlanguage and language development (Brown, 2014). We have chosen a text written by a 5th grader (appendix 2), and we will therefore compare the pupil's level of writing to the new national guidelines in the category “after 4th grade”. We will have in mind that the pupil might be above the acquired learning goals. Firstly, we will describe the goals of English writing for 5th grade in the new national guidelines. Secondly, we will analyze the interlanguage of the text, and then finish the assignment with some feedback and follow-up activities to help the pupil develop her interlanguage.

The overall competence goal within written communication for pupils after 4th grade sounds like this “the pupil can understand and write frequent words and expressions, as well as short texts about everyday topics in English”. According to the new national guidelines the pupil is expected to have some knowledge of how to develop simple written language, with simple sentences and conjunctions. Furthermore, the student is expected to have some knowledge on linguistics skills where she can apply simple present and past tenses. In addition to this have knowledge about verb inflections and about the interaction between oral and written language (Undervisningsministeriet, n.d.)... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Interlanguage analysis af elevtekst

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