Interkulturel kompetence til film og internet

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Studieprodukt: Interkulturel kompetence til film og internet

Studieprodukt i engelsk. Det er skrevet som en artikel, der omhandler undervisning med interkulturel kompetence og implementering af film og internet:

Learning and Teaching Intercultural Competence by Employing Relevant Theories and for an example, Literature, Films, Web 2.0 or other Resources


According to Michael Byram a person who is interculturally competent is someone who is able to see relationships between different cultures. Furthermore it is also someone who has a critical or analytical understanding of cultures. Dr.Darla K. Deerdorff states, if the students are to be interculturally competent, they must have a certain attitude that consists of; respect, honesty, curiosity and discovery. These skills form the foundation of learning intercultural competence.

Why is Intercultural Competence Important?
Intercultural competence is the ability to successfully communicate with people from other cultures. In the interaction with people from foreign cultures, an interculturally competent person understands the culture-specific concepts of think, feel, act and percept.

Intercultural competence is first and foremost important in order to avoid prejudice and stereotyping. Stereotypes are not untrue, but they are incomplete, and prejudice must be avoided when working with intercultural

competence. Moving to a new country makes it essential to integrate into the society you become a part of. If you are aware of your intercultural competences you will know how to act when you are around people who have a different religion, identity or values in life. Annie Aarup Jensen claims that “The Social Skills Approach” is important to possess, in order not to offend the rules and traditions of a culture... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Interkulturel kompetence til film og internet

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