How to teach culture in english

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Eksamensopgave, Synopsis, Undervisningsplan: How to teach culture in english

To-delt afsluttende eksamen i engelsk. Første del er den skriftlige del: Vi skrev 4 synopser, som ved lodtrækning skal udvælges til at fremlægges i anden-del; den mundtlige del.

Problem statement
“How and why do you teach culture and views upon culture in English language teaching?”

Underviserens kommentar

Godkendt opgave, som blev hevet op til den mundtlige del.

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Fokus på at knytte teori til praktisering. Det ligger underviserne og eksaminatorerne højt vægt på, at man gør.


Problem statement
Presentation of the practical element
Lesson 1. “Noticing” (45 min)
Lesson 2. “Comparing” (45 min)
Lesson 3. “Reflect” (45 min)
Didactical thoughts and theory
The cycle model by Karen Risager
Byrams 5 elements
Age specialization
Interlanguage analysis
Statement of 1-3 areas you think the student should work further on
Suggestions for a task/ activity to train the mentioned focus area.


This paper will focus on intercultural competence in the teaching subject English.
We as teachers have the duty to prepare our pupils for the many cultures and religions that the school offers and to make room for others to learn from it.
To some extent, English language teaching is about knowledge of grammar and rules that concerns the language. But, to be a good language communicator in English it is necessary to understand and include the intercultural dimension. The concept of 'communicative competence' in language teaching takes into account that language learners must acquire not ...


Presentation of the practical element
The lesson plan is structured after the Cycle model described by Karen Risager and Lone Svarstad. It focuses on four categories, noticing, comparing, reflecting and interacting.
This is an extract of the lesson plan. The whole lesson plan with all details will be found in the appendix.


Lesson 1. “Noticing” (45 min)
To awaken the students' interest for the teaching, we chose to start the topic with a short movie which is about the American school culture for younger students. We think the students will identify with the American culture and be able to see differences and similarities much quicker if the students refer to others who are at the same age or grade as themselves. Also, including Byrams 1. Saviour; knowledge, the students will be able to refer their ...


Age specialization
8-10 years, 3rd grade

Interlanguage analysis
The student did mention all of the points that we said they should. The text's length is good but there are plenty of grammatical and spelling errors. These have an importance for the reader's understanding. Furthermore, it tells us that this student has a hard time in general... Køb adgang for at læse mere

How to teach culture in english

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