How to teach cultural awareness

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Synopsis: How to teach cultural awareness

Synopsis til eksamen i Engelsk. Synopsen handler om cultural awareness.

Problem Statement
- How can I as a teacher teach cultural awareness?


Problem Statement
Discussion/analysis of theory and practice in relation to problem statement
Practice Element
Interlanguage analysis
List of references


No matter who we talk to, we have certain expectations about how the conversation will take place. If we are talking with our friends, we assume that they can remember our past experiences
together. If we are talking to someone, we don't know, we divide them into broad social
categories in order to have some sort of order. The simplified understanding we have about groups of people, which we are not a part of, is known as cultural preunderstanding. It is a general understanding of the people, which is in line with the stereotyping. This understanding we develop, is sometimes wrong, and it is important that the students, learn what to expect when encountered with different cultures.

Discussion/analysis of theory and practice in relation to problem statement
"How do students learn to navigate in a world of many cultures?

Culture meeting must make us aware of our own culture and make it possible to act adequately and competently in different relationships and communities. Intercultural education is an attempt on, how to train pupils with the intercultural knowledge and competence. Intercultural competence is often mentioned in conjunction with language courses or bilingual pupils.

It is important to understand what intercultural actually means. Intercultural is the meeting of 2 cultures, where at least one of the meeting persons is speaking a foreign language. The art of... Køb adgang for at læse mere

How to teach cultural awareness

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