How do children acquire vocabulary?

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Synopsis: How do children acquire vocabulary?

Synopsis/eksamensoplæg om vocabulary (tema 3 - Sprog og sprogbrug).

Problem statement:
What is involved in knowing a word and how do children acquire vocabulary in their second language?


Problem statement
Lexical competence
Vocabulary acquisition


Vocabulary is essential in the acquisition of a new language and focus on the area is increasing. Throughout the last couple of decades the focus has been on fluency and therefore students, though they talk a lot more, lack accuracy and precision in their language. Vocabulary is an important part of all other aspects of foreign language teaching, as an inadequate vocabulary prevents a proper development in other areas, such as reading and communicating.

Lexical competence
According to Birgit Henriksen lexical competence involves three different aspects: quantity, quality and control.
Quantity refers to the amount of words lexical competence requires, and Henriksen recommend a basic vocabulary of at least about 2000 words. A vocabulary of this size should ensure the learner comprehension of 80% of basic texts.
Quality, on the other hand, is about the deeper knowledge of words, e.g. how the words are associated to other words (antonyms/synonyms), in which collocations the words can be used as well as grammatical information of the words, such as how they are inflected. It is estimated that a basic vocabulary size of 850 words requires the learner to learn 12.425 different meanings. With this in mind, knowledge about word is... Køb adgang for at læse mere

How do children acquire vocabulary?

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