Grammar | Engelsk Skriftlig Eksamen Maj 2012

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Eksamensopgave: Grammar | Engelsk Skriftlig Eksamen Maj 2012

Skriftlig engelsk eksamen 2012 - Grammatik. Task A er en artikel til et magasin for engelsklærere, task B er et indslag til en blog om grammatik og task C har titlen "How to write and what to write".

Eksamensbesvarelsen inddrager følgende tekster:
Text 1: Seven bad reasons for teaching grammar - and two good ones
Text 3: Creating a context
Text 4: Should we Teach Grammar
Text 6: Eats, Shoots and leaves
Text 8: Teacher Man


Task A: Grammar makes sense
Task B: My box for stupid people
Task C: How to write and what to write


Grammar makes sense

Every time a teacher enters a classroom and tells his students that they are about to go through a grammar lesson, the students usually let out a sigh, turn their eyes to the ceiling, and stop listening.

Today we have gotten the impression that grammar is boring but necessary. Teachers teach it, students learn it and usually both parties hate every second of it.
Some teachers do like to teach grammar even though their students do not and some of those teachers like it because it gives them power. The truth is that in Denmark some students surpass their teachers when it comes to speaking English. They have a broader vocabulary when it comes to pop-culture and even their pronunciation exceeds that of the teacher's.


My box for stupid people

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. In my opinion, if you don't love grammar it is either because you are bad at it, or because you have had a bad teacher. Sometimes even both.

The great thing about grammar is that there are rules. These rules guarantee that if you follow them, you won't make mistakes. In an examination room you can misinterpret the theme of a short story or misunderstand the message in a poem. At least that is what your teacher will tell you. ...


How to write and what to write

Task A is a magazine article, and therefore it is appropriate to set it up in columns. The picture acts as an eye-catching device for the reader, and even adds a bit of humor to make it seem more interesting.
In task B a picture might not be possible because of the way Internet discussion forums are built up. There is usually only room for text, and the one who writes the entry doesn't have... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Grammar | Engelsk Skriftlig Eksamen Maj 2012

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