Language and language use | English Module 2

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Modulopgave: Language and language use | English Module 2

English Module 2: Language and language use.

Research Question
‘How to plan, implement, evaluate and develop the teaching of functional grammar?'


Research Question 2
Method and Structure of the Article 2
Traditional Grammar vs. Functional Grammar. .2-3
- Traditional Grammar .2-3
- Functional Grammar 3
- So, which should I teach?. 3
Classroom Observation 3-4
Functional Grammar in Action 4-10
Authentic Language Learner Analysis .11-13
- Final Student Project 11-12
- Evaluation 12-13
Suggested Development 13-14
- Matter of concerns and pitfalls 13-14
- Further progression .14
Conclusion .15


Method and Structure of the Article

This article is highly concerned with the theories and practice of functional grammar explained by Derewianka in the book ‘A Grammar Companion – New Edition'. The book is inspired by Halliday and his work done in the area of Systemic Functional Linguistics. Derewianka explains the purpose of functional grammar as sharing ideas about their (the students) experience of the world, for making connections between these ideas, for interacting with others and for constructing coherent texts in both spoken and written modes.

The overall purpose of the article and research is to find out how one can plan, implement, evaluate and develop the teaching of functional grammar. Therefore, this article first and foremost sets out to explain the differences between traditional and functional grammar, followed by a short introduction to the class where the research took place. In accordance with my observations at the case school I planed and carried out 6 lessons with 6th grade, the lessons were made with inspiration from ClioOnline and in accordance with the Danish National Curriculum, 5th-7th grade, English. This article does not contain or work with many different theories as most of the project had a practical approach based on the studies I have done in the current English module.

Finally, the article analyses an authentic language learner text from my own students, followed by an analysis of some of the pitfalls, how to work with further progression and last but not least my conclusion... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Language and language use | English Module 2

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