Engelsk Maj 2012: Grammar makes sense

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  • 31-10-2013

Eksamensopgave: Engelsk Maj 2012: Grammar makes sense

Her kan du se en besvarelse af en eksamensopgave i skriftlig engelsk om engelsk grammatik fra maj 2012.

Opgaven indeholder en besvarelse af spørgsmål:
Task A: Grammar makes sense
Task B3: Gruesome Grammar
Task C: Analysis of texts


Task B3:
Gruesome Grammar

Grammar has always been the bane of my academical career. If ever I were to have an Achilles heel grammar would be it. From time immemorial I have had a very difficult time distinguishing between the rules and that has often led me to substitute the rules of the target language which I was learning with the rules of my native language. This would consequently put me in a bit of a dilemma because it would impair me from achieving the sort of academical work that I knew I was capable of. It didn't help that I had acquired a job as a teacher for adults who were looking to learn a foreign language, in this case English. When we arrived at the point in the curriculum where it was time to deal with grammar, let us just say that I had been dreading that day for a while and my students were as enthusiastic as I were. The first question I asked my students was “Why do we hate grammar?”. Jaek Yung, a man who had recently emigrated from South Korea, and I quote verbatim, said “Grammar can be easy when you study with common sense like for natives. But we are all foreigners. So we have to think about grammar regulations when we use English rather than use common sense. That makes grammar harder, I think. In conclusion, there is no cut way to study grammar”. I must admit that I had a very difficult time understanding the essence of Jaek's statement because of his limited understanding of the grammatical... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Engelsk Maj 2012: Grammar makes sense

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