Engelsk Kompetenceområde 4: Fremmedsprogsdidaktik | Synopsis

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Kompetencemålsprøve: Engelsk Kompetenceområde 4: Fremmedsprogsdidaktik | Synopsis

Synopsis i engelsk kompetenceområde 4: Fremmedsprogsdidaktik.

Problem statement
- How can group-based projects develop the pupil's writing skills?


Problem statement
Group work
Communicative competence
List of references


Age specialization: 4th-10th grade – more specifically 6th grade

Competence area covered in synopsis 4: Teaching writing skills and the use of groups-based projects

In this paper, I have chosen to work with my personal experiences and the knowledge I gained through my teacher practice. I have decided to work with my experience on the use of group-based projects can develop the pupils writing skills and intercultural competence. To engage myself with this area I have chosen to enlighten the course of learning I was responsible for in my teaching practice, through various theories. By using group-based projects in my teaching, I learned that the pupils were very fond of this as it created differentiation in the teaching. Taking the pupils learning and the achievement of learning goals into consideration I have chosen to look further into the use of group-based projects in English teaching.

Theoretical reflections on the problem statement

Group work
To accommodate the National Guidelines, the lesson plan includes group work as the key method for learning English for second language learners.
Group work is very effective for learning in the classroom, however it also comes with a set of rules and guidelines that the teacher must set, as working in groups is a skill that is learned (Gibbons, 2015, p. 61). For a group work activity to be successful the pupils must understand and subscribe to the rules of classroom behavior (Gibbons, 2015, p. 61). Most classroom have some rule sets that they have agreed upon in the first few lessons and have them written on a poster which is hung up in the class room, while some are often based unwritten (Gibbons, 2015, p.61).
Gibbons explain that the explicit guidelines are very helpful for “…all children, but especially for those less familiar with the learning culture and norms of school.” (Gibbons, 2015, p.61)
To make sure the pupils understand the purpose of group work, the teacher must be aware... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Engelsk Kompetenceområde 4: Fremmedsprogsdidaktik | Synopsis

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