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Analyse af elevtekst, Modulopgave: Elevtekstanalyse i engelsk

Engelsk modul 2: Elevtekstanalyse.

The Interlanguage hypotheses I would like to concentrate on are:

1. The hypotheses regarding the use of the past axis
2. Interlingual problems regarding transfer errors (use of Danicism)
3. Homophone errors (to, too or two)


The hypotheses regarding the use of the past axis
The learner is actually fairly consistent with using simple past verbs. Most of it is written with simple past.

In the very last paragraph of the essay, the two verb mistakes being the word "hear" instead of "heard" in "I hear some planes" but the student then correctly uses "heard" two sentences down from that "heard a sound" so I think that first use of "hear" might just have been a misprint/mistake (a typo). Then the only other verb inconsistency in that paragraph is the word "so" instead of "saw" which could just be a misspelling of "saw" but the verb tense through the whole last paragraph is simple past.

I think the first mistake in the verbs is not a misunderstanding of verb tense but perhaps... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Elevtekstanalyse i engelsk

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