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Didaktisk refleksion | Engelsk | Modulprøve

National modulprøve med en teoretisk didaktisk refleksion over 3 udarbejdede engelsklektioner.


Pre-reading activities
Collaborative group work
After-reading activities
Lesson plan


This didactic reflection will focus on how different concepts can help when teaching a specific topic and how the four skills speaking, listening, writing and reading can be included. Firstly, it will concentrate on how pre-reading activi-ties can be a scaffolding element and in which ways these can be used. Secondly, it will focus on how collaborative group work can help students improve their speaking and listening skills. Thirdly, it will take a look at how post-reading ac-tivities can help the student use, improve and remember new language.
The reflection is built on thoughts on how to teach the material “New Zea-land”. It both focuses on New Zealand as a country and the Maori culture. The material contains both a myth, pictures and three peoples' introduction to New Zealand or the Maori culture. The text would be fitting for a 6th or 7th grade as they according to fællesmål for faget engelsk are to “(…) forstå og skrive kortere tekster I forskellige genrer på engelsk”(“Engelsk - januar 2016.pdf”, u.y.) and “(…) indgå I enkle kulturmøder ved brug af forskellige medier”(“Engelsk - ja-nuar 2016.pdf”, u.y.).

Pre-reading activities
Pre-reading activities are a scaffolding element that teachers should use. Pre-reading activities can be used in a lot of different ways and can work as a “bridge” between the student and the text (Gibbons, 2015, p. 146). If the stu-dents, before reading the text, has a sense of what they are about to read, it may become a much easier task as they already have some knowledge they can draw on(Gibbons, 2015, p. 147). Moreover, they can be done in a variety of ways and therefore, you can as a teacher work with different kind of skills such as speak-ing or listening.
In our lesson plan, the pre-reading activities are used in different... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Didaktisk refleksion | Engelsk | Modulprøve

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