Diary of a Wombat | Læremiddelanalyse

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Modulopgave: Diary of a Wombat | Læremiddelanalyse

Engelsk module 1 Language, Language use & Communicative competence modulopgave om 'teaching of grammar' og med analyse af “Diary of a Wombat".


Analysis of “Diary of a Wombat”
The first overview
Text and illustrations
The potential of the text
Blog entry
Grammar - language
Learning through IT


Developing and learning the grammar of a foreign language is a complicated process in the EFL classroom; but young learners have shown that they can accomplish this process successfully.

For their ultimate success, the teacher needs to give students a sound basis in using the language, while encouraging their curiosity by talking about different patterns and their usage in and between languages. The grammar should be introduced to young learners slowly and meaningfully.

Moreover, the grammar shouldn't be taught directly. The best result in teaching the grammar comes out when the teacher sees the language patterns in different contexts during the class. The teacher can bring these patterns to the student's notice through different tasks, talks, texts and songs.

Learning the grammar is also very essential, because through the correct grammar the students can use efficient, accurate and appropriate language in different situations.

One of the most useful methods to learn new words is through tasks and lessons.In this model the students will move from the initial understanding of the meaning of each word to being able to use it in real life and real situations.

In this assignment we have chosen to focus on the teaching of grammar and vocabulary with a point of departure in the book “Diary of Wombat” written by Jackie French. The diary is about a wombat, which describes the life of eating, sleeping and getting to know some new human neighbors.

Furthermore, we will give a short analysis of the book by using the article” Sådan kan du vurdere et læremiddel” by Finn Sørensen... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Diary of a Wombat | Læremiddelanalyse

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