Communicative competence | Synopsis

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Communicative competence | Synopsis

Synopsis til modul 2 i engelsk 4-10th grade.

Problem statement
How can you improve both weak and strong pupils' language, vocabulary and communication?

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Problem statement 2
Theory 3
Learning a foreign language 3
Input, interaction and output 4
Cooperative learning 5
Practice element 6
References 7
Appendix 8
Student element 8
Description of the student's story 9
Teaching plan 10


Learning a foreign language
We can split the process of learning a new foreign language into two parts, the educational and non-educational. The educational is for example the one which takes place in the classroom and school. Where the non-educational can take place for example though games or movies at home. Both learning processes takes place in some type of situation, which means that the learning processes are not though isolation but are happening through interacting and communication.

When we speak of learning a new foreign language we can talk about the input, interaction and output.

When learning a new language, we need some inputs, which means the learners need to be exposed to the foreign language. The inputs can be many things, it can be from the classroom, tourists, television, movies and so on. All the different situations can provide some communication ...


Practice element
The lesson plan is to ensure both the weak and strong pupils learning outcome. The pupils will start out with reading a fairy tale chosen after their level +1. The pupils will therefore get inputs they can comprehend. The pupils will get a theme they already have some knowledge about in their native language. In this lesson plan the theme is: fairy tales. By giving the pupils a theme they already familiar with, will make it easier for them to comprehend and understand the words they will encounter in the foreign language. The pupils will both see the fairy tale in the video and have a manuscript, this way the pupils both can read, see and listen to the fairy tale... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Communicative competence | Synopsis

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