CLT | Synopsis

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CLT | Synopsis

Synopsis om CLT – Communicative language teaching.

Competence areas covered in this synopsis:

Competence area 2: Language acquisition and foreign language
Competence area 4: Foreign language pedagogy

How can I teach English in a 7th grade with a focus on communicative


Introduction and Background:
Research Question:
Communicative competence
CLT Communicative language teaching
Affective filter
Practice Element:


Introduction and Background:
The language is many other things than grammatical systems, rules, and vocabulary. Learning a foreign language requires knowledge of both context, cultural understanding, pragmatic competences, but also to produce a comprehensible output. Communicative skills imply that the students communicate and that they dare to make mistakes from what they will learn of. Communicative competences are that the students feel competent and confident in the way they communicate and that they can make themselves understandable in the target language and create a dialogue in which they can negotiate for meaning.

Communicative competence
Communicative competence consists of 5 components: Linguistic, pragmatic, strategic, discourse, and fluency. The linguistic competence is concerned with the form, meaning, and the student ́s knowledge about the language. The student has knowledge about how sentences and grammar are constructed and how to spell and pronounce the words and to form sentences. It also contains linguistic semantics which is to understand the meaning. Pragmatics is knowledge about how to use the language in different situations and contexts. The students must be aware of how and when to use the language and they must consider the appropriateness and formality. Strategic competence deals with how to use communication strategies. If the... Køb adgang for at læse mere

CLT | Synopsis

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