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Læremiddelanalyse: Boost 3 | Analyse

Analyse af Boost 3-serien af Malene Santini og Conrad Kisch.


Layout and design
Language skills
Cultural appropiacy
Teacher's guide


Layout and design
The books are very attractive! They are very colorful and nice to look at. You actually want to open the book and see what's inside (and if you can get this reaction from the pupils, it's pretty cool)… On the front pages you can see four kids, two boys and two girls, and a dog. The pupils can relate to the picture. The kids are their age and who doesn't like dogs?
There are colorful pictures on every page in the book and they show the same as the text are telling, so it is helpful for the pupils.

When you open the book it's very user-friendly. Lots of colors and easy
words/subjects like “Our school”, “At the zoo”, “Street Games” etc. Through the book we are following the four kids from Brooklyn, New York. Boost are build up
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Boost 3 | Analyse

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