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Analyse af elevtekst: Analyse af engelsk stil

En opgave på sidste år af læreruddannelsen i engelsk. I opgaven analyserer jeg en elevstil.

Jeg besvarer:
Assignment 1: There is nothing like a good book


Communicative skills
Structure and coherense
Language and usage
Language acquisition
The proces of writing


In our analysis of the student´s essay we have chosen to put the emphasis on the student‘s communicative skills, the usage and language acquisition. We have not focused on the cultural and social aspects as a part of our analysis because we do not think that the introduction to the assignment requires any knowledge about social conditions.

Communicative skills
Structure and coherense
The student has divided the essay into two parts(Line 2-7, 7-17) which does not show any
clear indication of an introduction or a conclusion. This is an error because it makes the
content of the essay less coherent. Another coherence error is the use of short
sentences(Line 2; I like one book I have red. And I havent red many books, line 9; They
are living in a town. I don’t remember the name). This makes the essay less interesting to read and it shows that the student possibly is afraid of being descriptive or narrative.

In our analysis of the essay we want to argue that the student has misunderstood the
assignment question given to him. He suppose to write about "a good reading experience"
instead he has written a book review. We think that line 2, 15 and 17 supports this
The students argumentation is very poor as he only focus on the overall outline of the
book instead of writing about some of the... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Analyse af engelsk stil

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