Vocabulary | Synopsis

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Vocabulary | Synopsis

Synopsis på 5 sider om hvordan man giver eleverne i folkeskolen det bedste og største ordforråd.

Problem statement
- What does it mean to know a word?
- How do we acquire vocabulary?
- What methods contribute to increasing students' vocabulary?


Problem statement
What does it mean to know a word?
How many words do we need to know?
How do we acquire a foreign language?
How our knowledge is stored
The connection between mother tongue and the foreign language.
How do our students become proficient language users?
List of Literature


What does it mean to know a word?
I.S.P. Nation says:” Words are not isolated units of language, but fit into many interlocking systems and levels. Because of this, there are many things to know about any particular word and there are many degrees of knowing.”

Lightbrown and Spada writes about learners of a foreign langauge:” They need to learn to recognize the many meanings that the same sentence can have in different situations.”

Birgit Henriksen states that there are three ways of knowing a word. These three ways can be used to define a learners vocabulary.

- Quantity - This is the number of words that the learner knows.
- Quality - This is how much a learner knows about every single word. The point is to know the words in depth, and thereby be able to understand that the word “book” can be used in several contexts... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Vocabulary | Synopsis

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