The Wind in the Willows | Didaktiske overvejelser

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The Wind in the Willows | Didaktiske overvejelser

Opgave i engelsk om romanen The Wind in The Willows skrevet af Kenneth Grahame.

I semesteropgaven er der en introduktion, besvarelse af 2 øvelser og didaktiske overvejelser.


Exercise 1
Exercise 2


"The Wind in the Willows" is a classic book that has been told to children since 1908 when it was written by Kenneth Grahame. It is a book that includes a lot of different themes and what is so good about it is that it is relevant to modern children even though it is almost a hundred years old.

Some years ago the stories of the book were made to film and that indeed didn't make it less popular. Nowadays most children probably know Toad, Rat and Mole from children's television and even though the film is very faithful to the novel we think it could and would be a challenge and an experience for the pupils to work with a chapter or two from the original novel because it is written in an old language that could be fun for the pupils to learn a little bit about.

We have chosen to make exercises about "The Wind In The Willows" to a 7th grade because it is rather important that the pupils who are ought to work with this book are having well-developed reading, writing and understanding skills or else it is too hard to work with, especially because of the old language. Another reason why we have chosen a 7th grade is because older pupils might find it a little bit childish to work with and that way all the good work could be waste of good resources. This book appeals to drama, story-line and singing and we think that is just in the eye for a 7th grade.

We assume the pupils have read chapter 1,2,4 and 12... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The Wind in the Willows | Didaktiske overvejelser

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