Det engelske og danske skolesystem

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Det engelske og danske skolesystem

Opgave om "The English and the Danish Education System".

Sammenligning mellem det engelske og danske skolesystem. Med erfaring fra besøg på en skole i London.


The Act of Education.
The National Curriculum.
Comparison between the English and Danish Laws of Education
The teacher education
The English secondary school and the Danish folkeskole
The London Oratory School


In this assignment we wish to look into the English and Danish school systems. We have chosen this subject because we wanted to take fully advantage of our first hand experiences in London. Unfortunately we were only able to arrange a visit to one of the schools that we planned, so our experience is very narrow, as we have nothing except the Danish school system to compare with. Nevertheless we think that our visit was very interesting because we saw how this English school worked in practice.
As a starting point we want to comment on the Laws of Education in both countries and compare them. Afterwards we would like to compare the Laws of Education with what is really going on in the schools.
Our goal is, based on our experiences, to figure out which school system we prefer.

The Act of Education.
In Denmark the Ministry of Education has given the Folkeskole several guidelines in order to ensure that all children are given the same opportunities regardless of which school they attend.
In the Act on the Folkeskole of 1995 the aims of the Folkeskole are as follows:

§1.1. The Folkeskole shall - in cooperation with the parents - further the pupils‘ acquisition of knowledge, skills, working methods and ways of expressing themselves and thus contribute to all-round personal development of the individual pupil.
§1.2. The Folkeskole shall endeavour to create such opportunities for experience, industry and absorption that the pupils develop awareness, imagination and an urge to learn, so that they... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Det engelske og danske skolesystem

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