Racelighed i USA

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Semesteropgave: Racelighed i USA

Semesteropgave i engelsk om de afrikanske amerikaneres problemer i USA: The African-American Struggles.

Kommer ind på emner som borgerkrigen, Martin Luther King og USA i dag.


Did the civil war end? 3
A little history 3
Martin Luther King, jr. 4
Usa today 6
The cincinnati riots 6
“demonstrators without a cause” 7
Is it worth fighting for? 7
Lifting the curfew 8
Minorities 9
Brothers 11
Affirmative actions 12
Affirmative actions –a definition 13
The affirmation actions program in california 14
Literature 15


Did the Civil War end?
A little history
In 1868, when Abraham Lincoln won the American presidency, he declared that his goal while in Office would be to limit slavery to a minimum. Many states in the south of America strongly disagreed with this disposition, and in the end this led to South Carolina breaking free of the Union. Shortly after Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia followed. These states created what would later be know as the Confederacy with Jefferson Davies as President.

The Confederacy wished to keep slavery, because the states primary income came from the cotton plants built around slave labour. In the end this dispute led to a Civil War between North and South America, though the northern states largely outnumbered the South citizens wise, the South greatly benefited from the fact that most of their male population where used to hard labour in the cotton fields and ...


Martin Luther King, Jr.
This sounded like utopia at the time, but time did not turn it in to reality. The next great civil war started with Martin Luther King who was born in 1929. He was an American Baptist Priest and was a leading man in the protest against racial discrimination in the Southern States. He opposed the use of violence in the fight for civil rights. Martin Luther King was unknown until he in 1955 organised a bus-boycott in Montgomery.

• King was one of the organisers behind the Washington March in 1963.
• He has been held imprisoned several times
• In 1964 he was given the Nobel Prize for peace.

Despite several assassination attempts King believed in a non-violent way to success.

One late August day in 1963, over 200.000 people participated in the great Washington March. Among these was Martin Luther King who held his famous speech “I Have a Dream” on this day. In this speech Martin Luther King asks all Americans to respect and accept each other whether they are black or white, Protestants or Catholics etc. This he... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Racelighed i USA

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