Task based learning

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Undervisningsforløb: Task based learning

Opgave om task based learning og cultural awareness.

Beskrivelse af Task-based learning og et undervisningsforløb der bygger på metoden.


Enclosure: teaching sequence: hip hop culture in the usa: see attached file 2
Introduction 3
The national guidelines 4
Developing (inter) cultural awareness 5
Task-based learning 6
Pre-task 6
The task cycle 6
Language focus 7
Conclusion 8
We think it's very important for the students to interact with each other,
Because we believe that is how students develop identity and their
Communicative skills. we believe these demands are fulfilled when using group
Work integrated in tbl. 8
Cultural awareness is also very important in an english language classroom -
Especially in this post modern globalized society where communication across
Borders and global understanding is crucial. 8
We have tried to focus on these aims in our teaching sequence. we think our
Teaching sequence fulfil these criteria's and “trinmål” for 7th grade in the
Danish “folkeskole”. 8
Bibliography 9
Enclosure: teaching sequence: hip hop culture in the usa: see attached file


When students are learning a language, we think it is important that their work is based on relevant problems and their own interests. Working with grammar and correcting linguistic errors should not be the first priority – this should not happen until the students are motivated and interested.
This corresponds to the learning style Task-based learning, which we therefore have chosen to describe in this semester assignment.
We also think that the English class room gives us an obvious opportunity to work with other countries – especially countries with English as their mother tongue. This is a great opportunity to use English texts and movies about other countries and at the same time to develop cultural awareness among the students.
Our goal in this assignment is to become fully aware of what lies beneath the theory Task-based learning and what precisely is meant by developing cultural awareness. We will also state our reasons for choosing these topics by looking at the Danish national guidelines, Fælles Mål. Finally we will describe a teaching sequence where we combine the use of task-based learning and the development of cultural awareness. It is a sequence made 7th grade and the theme is “Hip Hop Culture in the USA”... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Task based learning

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