St. Patrick's Day i engelskundervisningen

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Synopsis: St. Patrick's Day i engelskundervisningen

Opgave i engelsk om St. Patrick's Day.

Denne opgave handler om hvad St. Patrick's dag er, hvordan den opstod og hvorfor den er er så vigtg for det Irske folk.

Endvidere er der nogle ideer til hvordan man kan bruge dette emne i engelskundervisningen i folkeskolen.


Introduction 2
The Problem 2
Saint Patrick 2
The traditions of St. Patrick's Day 3
Didactic reflections. 4
Conclusion 6
List of literature 6


This semester's studies were focused on Ireland. Our class decided that the study trip should go to Ireland mostly because only few had travelled to this “green” island. It was a great experience finally to observe and inhale the atmosphere of the Irish people and the gorgeous nature. At once I was captivated by this county which I knew very little of. I had a strange feeling of being at home so I realized that this wouldn't be my last visit. I became incredibly inspired after returning home to Denmark, I started reading more about the country and listing to Irish music. There were still things that I didn't know which are very important to the Irish people, such as “St. Patrick's Day”. I have chosen to excavate further into the story behind this holiday season.

The Problem.
I want to find out who was Saint Patrick and of what importance is this holiday to the Irish people. Furthermore I want to know the traditions of this day. Finally I will look upon how this topic can be used in the Danish “folkeskole”... Køb adgang for at læse mere

St. Patrick's Day i engelskundervisningen

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