Eksamensopgave om sprogtilegnelse i engelsk

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Eksamensopgave om sprogtilegnelse i engelsk

Eksamensopgaven i engelsk omhandler sprogtilegnelsesteori og tilgange og metoder til, hvordan man (mener vi) bedst fremmer sprogtilegnelsen i engelskundervisningen.

Second language acquisition and approaches to second language teaching.


Introduction 2
Field of investigation / Problem 2
Methodology 2
The goal of English and the teacher(‘s) role 2
The guiding principles concerning English 3
Pedagogical point of view 4
View on language and language teaching 5
Evaluation as a part of teaching 6
Theories on language acquisition 7
Innatism 7
Summary 8
Interactionism 9
Summary 9
Motivation 9
Theory versus Practice 10
Communicative Competence 11
The practical aspect 11
Tasks 12
What is a task? 12
The practical musical dimension 13
Conclusion 15
List of references: 16


Field of investigation / Problem:
In this paper, we will focus on the goals of English as a second language, and on how these can be accomplished.

In order to do so, we will present two different views on second language learning, compare these and present theories on language learning. Furthermore, we will give examples on suitable teaching methods according to our beliefs and views on teaching, which we think consider the demands for being an active member of society.

The goal of English and the teacher(‘s) role
There has been a change in the traditional teacher role. In the past, the teacher was the active part in the classroom - the pupils passive receivers of knowledge. Today, the roles have changed; the teacher's role is as a guide, assistant, motivator, he/she now carries the title as the language acquisition facilitator. All parts in the classroom have to play an active role in the learning process. The pupils have to learn how to learn in order to cope with the demands from modern society. We as teachers/ learning facilitators are responsible for creating a learning environment in which this can take place. All teaching must start with the individual pupil's capability to learn English... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Eksamensopgave om sprogtilegnelse i engelsk

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