Reading and approaches | Eksamensopgave

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Reading and approaches | Eksamensopgave

Eksamensopgave i engelsk om reading and approaches.

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What is reading?


Introduction Page 2
Reading - how and why Page 2
Reading aspects and approaches Page 5
Summary Page 7
References Page 8


Reading how and why

What is reading? Reading is about understanding written texts.
It is a complex activity that involves both perception and thought. Reading consists of two related processes: word recognition and comprehension. Word recognition refers to the process of perceiving how written symbols correspond to one's spoken language. Comprehension is the process of making sense of words, sentences and connected text.

Learning to read is an important educational goal. For children, the ability to read opens up new worlds and opportunities. It enables us to gain new knowledge, enjoy literature, and do everyday things that are part and parcel of modern life, such as, reading the newspapers, job listings, instruction manuals, maps and so on. Reading instruction needs to take into account different types of learners and their needs.

Research has shown that there is a great deal of transfer from learning to read in one language to learning to read in a second language.
The context of learning is also important. For instance, children who are learning to read in a language different from their native language will also need to learn about the culture of the second or foreign language.
Because texts are written with a specific audience in mind, cultural knowledge is present in texts and it is assumed that the reader is familiar with such knowledge. It is very difficult to keep up the children's motivation in reading especially as they grow older.
In this assignment I will take a closer look at the important aspects of reading and how we help the students in the best way we can, so that they become competent readers... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Reading and approaches | Eksamensopgave

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