Practical and aesthetical dimension

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Practical and aesthetical dimension

English Didactic Paper ”Practical Aesthetic Teaching Methods”

Why and how can you incorporate the practical and aesthetical dimension when teaching the beginners level?


The Law
How – methods


Today there is a lot of focus on English in the Danish Folkeskole mainly because of the statement from the Government's Globalisation Council; that the pupils have to be able to develop good English skills in order for Denmark to be part of the international and global world.
The focus on English is very interesting for us as coming English teachers the question is just how we can teach English in the most comprehensible way, how we can motivate the pupils and make the teaching relevant and interesting!
This is one of the reasons why we think of the practical and aesthetical dimension as an important aspect of the teaching especially when teaching the beginners level. It is another approach, which activates the pupils in a physical and affective way by incorporating the cognitive part of the brain with the affective part.
cognitive part of the brain with the affective part.

Method and theory:
Begrebsdefinition, afgrænsning af emnet, opgavens disposition
It is scientifically proofed that in order for children to learn a second language and remember it they have to use not only the cognitive part of their brain but use all their senses and their whole body. There are a lot of approaches, theories and methods to this, which we have a further look at.
First we will have look on the motivation, which the Danish university professor Knud Illeris speaks of and connect it to the Swedish scholar Gustavssons Bildung-journey, which leads us to the Danish senior lecturer Karen Aarøe who talks about the practical-aesthetical dimension when teaching... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Practical and aesthetical dimension

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