Cooperative Learning i engelsk

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Studieprodukt: Cooperative Learning i engelsk

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1. Preface
2. Theory:
What is Cooperative Learning?
Why use Cooperative learning?
How to use it in class?
3. Teaching Practice:
How did I use Cooperative learning?
Why did I use it?
Which tasks did I use?
How did it go?
4. Evaluation
5. References


We are in a time where there are coming new teaching methods all the time. If it is not Howard Gardner and his Multiple Intelligences, then we are hearing about Dun & Dun. All the time we want to find some new things we can try out in the class room. Everything new is exciting and that lead us towards our goal: We want the children to like to learn new things and we have to find the best way to do that. The problem these days is that the children are easily bored. They are from this generation where there are always something to do, they can watch television, play computer or do whatever they would like to, the problem is: They are always entertained…… That gives the teacher a big problem, because if the children always have fun at home and are always entertained, then it is logical that the children will be bored in a class room with a teacher talking and talking and talking. How motivated is that? That is one of the reasons for all the new teaching methods. Cooperative Learning is one of the new teaching methods that have the solutions to almost every teacher. It motivates the children. I had heard so much about this teaching methods, that I wanted to see if it really worked that well, as I was told. Luckily my practice teacher had started this method in the 7th grade because of some disciplinary problems, and she talked very good about this method. Therefore I thought it would be brilliant to try this method out during my practice teaching, and see if my practice teacher and everybody else actually were right about it.


2.3. How to use Cooperative Learning in class?
It is very important if you are going to work with Cooperative Learning, that you get the class motivated. You have to make group of four and then make them have a team spirit. A good idea is to give every group the possibility to create a name for their group and maybe make a saying about their group, so every time we in the future start the class, each group start with yelling their saying. . . .Like that all the students feel motivated and with a lot of positive energy. There after each member of each group has to have a number, so that every time we have to start a new task you can say everybody with number 1 does that, number 2 does that etc. It is important that the students understand that it is a group task and not an individual task. They have to work together to find a solution. If someone in the group has problems with a task, the rest in the group try to help and does not get upset and tease. Therefore the team spirit is very important... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Cooperative Learning i engelsk

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