Phonetics and pronunciation til 6. klasse

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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  • 1845
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  • 2001
  • 18-12-2001

Phonetics and pronunciation til 6. klasse

Analyse, vurdering og forslag til supervision i forhold til en 6. klasseselevs udtaleproblemer


Purpose for term paper 2
Method 2
How languages are learned 2
Text from “That's it 2”, The Statue of St Albion 4
Expected and observed phonetic difficulties 4
Analysis of oral presentation, main problems 6
Suggestions for supervision 7


Purpose for term paper
By analysing a student's1 reading of a selected text we hope to practice our ability to teach our future students to speak an almost correct Standard English.

In the first paragraph we take issue with/look more closely at three different theories on language acquisition; behaviourism, innatism and the interactionist position, in order to decide if we can use the theories to explain how a second language can best be taught. Next we work on the text selected and try to predict, which words will be mispronounced. Then we concentrate on/focus on the words, which is actually mispronounced and make a phonetic analysis, in order to make some suggestions for corrections and pronunciation games etc.

How languages are learned
The behaviourists assert that languages is learned though the processes of classical and operant conditioning and by imitation2. We believe that imitation plays an important role in the process of learning a second language; most early vocabulary is learnt this way as children cannot invent words and make themselves understood.
However reinforcement and imitation does not explain the acquisition of syntax. Even if some forms are encouraged and others discouraged, it is impossible to reinforce all correct forms and extinguish all incorrect forms. And it seems that children learn to speak and understand a second language without constant reinforcement and correction... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Phonetics and pronunciation til 6. klasse

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