Cultural awareness i engelsk

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Cultural awareness i engelsk

Om cultural awareness i engelsk er en terminsopgave om kultur. Mit fokus har været at skrive en teoretisk artikel der omhandler vinkler på det kulturelle i undervisningen.

Problem statement:
Why is it important for Danish students in English to achieve knowledge about the cultural aspects, to become inter-linguistic competent?

Underviserens kommentar

Mine lærere har givet en meget positiv respons, og ville benytte artiklen i opgaven som inspiration til andre der vil benytte artikelgenren i deres terminsopgaver.


Problem statement
Structure in term paper
Why it is important to teach culture in the Danish folkeskole today and why is it so important in acquiring of a language?
A didactical approach to culture
My process writing the paper
Literature in use


In order to understand another culture, it is important to know your own. In a classroom today we have typically at least two different cultures represented. With that perspective in mind it naturally leads into a cultural debate about ‘who' we are, and what another culture perhaps is all about. I have written an article to the parents of my students. I have chosen them as the receivers because I find it important to have them as team-players instead of a group of people not being engaged in their children's school work.

Structure in term paper
‘The importance of being curious in acquiring a language', an article which discusses the aspects and importance of interlinguistic competence. I have chosen to use Michael Byram, Vivian Lindhardsen, Bjarne Christensen, Claire Kramsch and Thomas Ziehe to set up the discussion in my article.
A didactical approach on to how to work with a cultural aspect.
A short summary of my process writing the paper.

‘The importance of being curious in acquiring a language'

Why it is important to teach culture in the Danish folkeskole today and why is it so important in acquiring of a language?

Language and culture are two components attached together with strong natural bonds. It is almost impossible to acquire a foreign language without knowing about the culture behind. Naser Khader, the famous Danish immigrant politician, oppinionates that it is important to keep the human aspect as well as the cultural, when we try to understand or acquire competences in another language. He emphasises the importance of courage and curiosity:... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Cultural awareness i engelsk

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