Modern Media | Eksamen i Skriftlig Engelsk 2004

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  • Læreruddannelsen Silkeborg
  • 2004
  • 26-01-2012

Eksamensopgave: Modern Media | Eksamen i Skriftlig Engelsk 2004

Modern Media er en besvarelse af den skriftlige eksamensopgave i Engelsk på læreruddannelsen, juni 2004.

Her besvares opgave A "Modern Media" og opgave B1 "The Passion".

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Modern Media
In today´s modern society we are constantly surrounded by media. It has become as
natural a part of our daily life as taking a shower in the morning or brushing our
teeth. Without recognizing it we have incorporated media into our lives and we use it
as if it had always been there. First thing I do every morning is to turn on the
television, - just to see if the world is still out there. Usually my suspicion is confirmed
and I have no excuse not to get about my day. With the help from the news and the
hosts on Good Morning Denmark I am updated with the latest information. A quick
log on to the Internet to check for new e-mails or maybe a cancellation of a class?
The radio ...


B: B1
The Passion
Once upon a time there was a young woman who did not know what she wanted to
do with her life. She was very pretty and she made a real effort to look good. She
spent all of her money on expensive clothes to look like the beautiful women in the
fashion magazines. She lived a very privileged life with her father in a big mansion in
Silicon Valley. Her father was one of many who had made a fortune building an
Internet business. Her father adored her and gave her everything that money could
buy. And she loved her life except for the fact that she was extremely bored. Her
father tried... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Modern Media | Eksamen i Skriftlig Engelsk 2004

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