Synopsis om ordforrådstilegnelse

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Læ
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Synopsis om ordforrådstilegnelse

Synopsis i engelsk om Learning Strategies and Vocabulary Expansion.

Et kort indblik i nogle problemstillinger omkring ordforrådstilegnelse og hvordan fænomenet læringsstrategier muligvis kan anvendes.


Index 1
Why work with vocabulary acquisition and learning strategies 2
What is vocabulary 3
When do you “know” a word 3
On the difference between receptive and productive vocabulary 4
What learning strategies to use and how 4
Different strategies on different levels 5
Conclusion 6
Litterature 7
Appendix I


Why work with vocabulary acquisition and learning strategies
There are several reasons for both teachers and learners (in my own case, me and my pupils) to concentrate on the acquisition of vocabulary. The world is growing smaller by the day resulting in an ever increasing need for the ability to communicate with people from other countries and cultures, and on many different levels.
This puts those who either want or have to communicate in need of at least two things: an adequate vocabulary along with the knowledge of how and when to use it properly, and the ability to expand or adjust this vocabulary whenever it is needed. Ofcourse a certain degree of fluency is not only desireable, it is also necessary, and a communicative approach to language learning emphasizes this. But fluency alone is of little value especially in situations where precise and unmistakeable information is to be given or received. Here, the interlanguage developed in a classroom, and which everyone there may understand very well, despite its inherent and more or less conspicuous imperfections, may not be enough. This is also true when considering written communication. Verbal communication is often aided by the use of gestures and facial expressions, but in written communication this not an option. Furthermore the Central Knowledge and Proficiency Areas dictates that:

“The pupils must therefore work with: the crucial role of vocabulary in the use of the language.”

Now, one could never learn the entire amount of english words (somewhere around 600.000) so a selection process will often be going on, whether consciously or unconsciously, on the part of the learner (maybe not so much, if at all, when the learner is still a novice and the teacher is the one who “knows” what is important and what is not, but definately later on when the learner becomes... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Synopsis om ordforrådstilegnelse

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