Gardners relevans i engelskundervisningen

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Eksamensopgave: Gardners relevans i engelskundervisningen

Eksamensopgave i engelsk om Language Acquisition via Gardner's 7 intelligences
Altså Howard Gardners teori, og hvilken relevans den har i engelskundervisningen.


1.Contents 1
2.Introduction 2
3.How does a teacher teach? 2
4.How does a learner learn? 2
Learning Styles 3
5.What is Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences? 3
6.How can these intelligences be translated into lesson content? 5
7.Conclusion 8
8.Bibliography 10
Table of task suggestions for the eight intelligences


My choice in subject for this paper is based on my fear of experiencing the abovementioned scenario. I wish to shed light on a possible approach to teaching that will help ensure optimum language acquisition for all students in the English beginner classroom.
For this purpose I intend to apply Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences to
the classroom environment. There are, however, two obvious questions which need
answering before one can examine the possible implementation of Gardner's theory:
How does a teacher teach? and How does a learner learn?... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Gardners relevans i engelskundervisningen

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