Kulturforståelse i engelskundervisningen

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Synopsis: Kulturforståelse i engelskundervisningen

En synopsis der omhandler engelskundervisningens tilrettelæggelse, hvor fokus er rettet mod den kommunikative og interkulturelle kompetence. Cultural awareness.

Hvilke metoder findes, og hvordan skal man bruge dem i sin undervisning?

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Opgaven er 5 sider lang, og derfor meget konkret. Brugt til mundtlig eksamen 2002 vær opmærksom på nogle meget knudrede formuleringer flere steder i opgaven.


The cultural conception
Intercultural competence
National stereotypes
The ethnographic method
Ways to evaluate


According to the curriculum of the Danish Folkeskole, the pupils must be trained in two sides of language learning: A linguistic and cultural side. 1
The purpose of teaching English with the cultural aspect is give the pupils intercultural competence by creating assumptions they can use to get on with different people they ahead don't know anything about.

Language learning is much more than knowing the language more or less grammatically correct, because within the language is also the cultural aspect. Not being aware of these, conflicts and confusions can happen.
The cultural aspect contains know how on all the other things than the language, such as fundamental knowledge of the history, rules of government, how moral structure, living and social interactions is normally carried out in the target culture.

The fact that people are migrating like never before so many cultures now are multiethnic- including Denmark, also makes it important that the pupils learn to have an understanding of the cultural complexity and to have tools to intercommunicate due those cultural borders that exits not only in the world, but also within our own society.

I'll start with showing some examples of how the conception of culture is described as an entry for this assignment and to make an opening for discussion... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Kulturforståelse i engelskundervisningen

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