Undervisningsforløb i procesorienteret skrivning

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Undervisningsforløb i procesorienteret skrivning

Opgave i engelsk med et undervisningsforløb i procesorienteret skrivning.

Undervisningsforløb i procesorienteret skrivning i engelsk i en 9.klasse. Med henblik på undervisningsdifferentiering også. Det havde stor succes hos eleverne og de gav udtryk for alle havde lært noget.


Process writing
Choose one of the following exercises.
We will work with the exercises as follows:
Giving feedback
Expressions about the process writing from the students evaluation sheets:


In this paper I will give an example on how to work with process writing in the oldest classes in the Danish Folkeskole. The example is from my practise teaching period in November and December 2003. In this period I had a 9th grade. There was a big difference between the student's skills in English, so I really needed to make some kind of differentiation. The differentiation I made was dividing the exercises in three different levels. Then the student had to choose one of them.


The reason why I handed it out a whole week before was for all the students to read it through before we started and they would then have all opportunities to ask questions. This was especially needed for the less skilled students. The students were really glad to do this paper. Understood in the way that now when they had to do a paper, this was okay.

During the week the students had to read the papers through and think of which exercise to choose I spoke frequently to each of them individually. We talked about the papers and I tried to guide them to choose the exercise that was appropriate for each student so they got the best challenge.

Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to enclose the pages from the Workbook which are used in exercise A and B. Exercise A is the easiest, then B. Exercise C I found for the better skilled students.
On page 114 in the students Workbook there is a picture of an old lady watching a burglar robbing a bank. Then there is a picture of the old lady running after the burglar to give him some money he... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Undervisningsforløb i procesorienteret skrivning

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